Beautiful Granite Headstones & Pet Markers

Memorialize loved ones who have passed on with the highest quality granite headstones and pet markers. Henderson Monuments of Catskill, New York, creates new headstones and markers in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors.

Custom Options

Celebrate a fruitful life with a modest tombstone, large monument, or custom-made mausoleum. We design and sell stones with dozens of personalized options. Choose from uprights, singles, doubles, and a wide range of stone types in different colors, such as red, blue, purple, green, and various grays and blacks.

Etching, Lettering, & Plagues

When you purchase a stone from us, we offer on-site lettering of the name, birthdate, and deceased date for your convenience. Our custom-etched bronze plagues are installed on a stone or into the ground at the gravesite. You can also add personal meaning with customized etching and ceramic images. In addition, we provide lettering on existing headstones.

Pet Markers

Our animal companions deserve respect after passing, as well. We have stones available for pets, or bring in a stone of your own with sentimental value. Etching is also provided for pet markers.

Contact us to purchase a granite headstone and celebrate your loved one's rich life.